2009, Bitch!

Purple City

Squiggle & Skank


Last time I did a mix, it was a 69(ish) minute selection of tracks, exclusively from 1969*, for my friend’s 1969 Baby! Night.  As enjoyable as it was sharing that stuff, 2009 has generally been one of the least retro-fixated of recent years for me. And while there’s been plenty going on elsewhere, I’ve been most excited by the UK Bass Continuum (cheeky moniker compromise, © me) with which I’ve had something of an on/off relationship with for many years.

This mix then, is all about the dancefloor and mostly about this year with a couple of key (for me) older tracks** thrown into the two main sections. Between the synth heavy, wonky/purple/future garage/post-dubstep of the first and the UK Funky of the second, I’ve taken a little detour across the pond and back into the eighties. There’s some kind of logic in there, I swear. Pretty pleased with most of the Funky section, varied as it is with more “serious”, experimental tunes*** bookending a bunch of bashy vocals.

I put this together on Ableton Live, which I’ve never used before. I tried to not overdo it with effects or take too many liberties with re-editing tracks. There’s probably some inconsistency in volume and a couple of tracks’ sound quality might be slightly below par due to my own vinyl ripping, so sorry about that.  Hope you enjoy.


UK Squiggle

1. We Can Funk intro

2. Untold – Anaconda (Hessle Audio)

3. Gemmy – Supligen (Planet Mu)

4. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Kapsize)

5. Rustie – Bad Science (Wireblock)

6. Zomby – Digital Flora (Brainmath)

7. Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Hyperdub)

8. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush)

9. Brackles – Get A Job (Apple Pips)

10. Terror Danjah & DOK – Code Morse (Pirate Sessions 2007)

>>>Terror Danjah/Trim – Boogeyman (Wiley excerpt) – (White label 2005)

11. Joker – Untitled_RSN (Tectonic)

12. Joker – Digidesign (Hyperdub)

US 80s Freak Funk Detour

13. Prince and The Revolution – Erotic City (Warner Bros 1984)

14. TILT – Arkade Funk (D.E.T.T 1983)

15. Indian Ocean – Treehouse (Extended bootleg edit)

(from Arthur Russell…The Sleeping Bag Sessions – Traffic)

16. Model 500 – Night Drive (Metroplex 1985)

UK Skank Out!

17. Lil Silva – Funky Flex (White label 2008)

18. Cousin Cockroach – This Ain’t Tom N’ Jerry (Bitasweet 2002)

19. Untold – Just For You (Roska Remix) (Hot Flush)

20. Bubblez – Ice Rink Remix (Wiley & Riko) (White label)

21. Apple – Mr Bean (Remix) (White label)

22. Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix) (It’s Funky)

23. Hard House Banton – Siren (Spoilt Rotten 2008)

>>>Stush – We Nuh Run (download)

24. Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim (original) (White label)

>>>Sticky – Look Pon Me (feat. Natalie Storm) (Mixpak)

25. Bubblez – Loser (feat. Lady Saw & Cecille) (White label)

26. Cooly G – Narst (Hyperdub)

27. Altered Natives – Bare Blade Knuckle Slap (Fresh Minute Music)


* You can download the 1969, Baby! mix here. Ash kindly blogged it with the tracklist, here. I must also give “honourable” mention to mapsadaisical who did a ’69 set before me, which just happened to share a few tracks with mine. (He got the Howlin’ Wolf tune from my vinyl rip anyway.)

** I was stunned when Kode9 blended that bonkers Cousin Cockroach (Dego of 4-Hero) track with a Lil Silva track at Corsica in November. I’d planned that bit for ages; it fits in so well with this year’s rhythms. Oh, and my crowbaring in of the Wiley bit from Boogeyman is questionable, but it is an amazing verse.

***By the way, that Altered Natives track, which I first heard Joe Muggs playing on The Wire mag’s Resonance.FM show (of all places) is a must-own and every bit as good as the amazing A-side “Rass Out” which has been caned by everyone.